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Regional Tourism Solutions: The Strategic Edge

The evolution of regional tourism presents both opportunities and challenges for Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs), to push the boundaries of innovation and digital engagement. RTOs have three main goals: creating attractive tourism products, improving visitor experiences, and promoting sustainable growth. Smartvisit, based in NSW helps tourism organisations evolve digitally with a range of tools to move them forward into the future. Not many travel tech companies have the range of tools and services available for the modern traveller.

Man and woman sitting on a cliff ledge

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Transforming Visitor Engagement with Digital Solutions

In today's tech-driven era, enhancing visitor engagement is paramount. Smartvisit's Destination Experience Platform (DEX) leverages mobile tourism guides and custom branded tourism app to deliver immersive experiences. Our platform & mobile app offers RTOs the capability to connect with visitors dynamically, providing personalised experiences that leave lasting impressions.

Our latest innovation from DEX is Jrnyz, a user-friendly tool that transforms any smartphone into a self-guided, geo-located multimedia tour for walking or driving. Let's simplify that: Smartvisit works with you to design customised tours for your visitors. You select the stops, which can range from famous landmarks to hidden historical gems or modern points of interest.

Here’s how it works: Our content specialists create engaging multimedia stories for each designated stop. Then, using geo-location technology and push notifications, we craft a seamless tour experience that guides your visitors through each stop. This approach not only enhances the exploration of each location but also immerses your visitors in the rich narrative and visuals uniquely crafted for your tour. With Smartvisit, every step of the journey is an opportunity to discover and engage with your destination’s story.


Promoting Sustainable Growth and Regional Dispersal

A critical aspect of fostering sustainable growth in regional tourism is effectively managing regional dispersal. Smartvisit helps RTOs create strategies to spread visitors out across regions, reducing congestion in popular areas and showcasing hidden gems. Using engaging digital visitor guides to give visitors a depth of in-destination experience. This plan spreads out tourists more evenly to make sure everyone benefits and keeps the region attractive and sustainable.


Driving Tourism Product Innovation

Central to the success of regional tourism is the ability to continuously offer fresh and appealing tourism products. Smartvisit provides the technological backbone for tourism product development, enabling RTOs to effortlessly manage and market their offerings. Our platform simplifies the process of bringing new and innovative tourism experiences to market, encouraging growth and diversification.

Smartvisit's Destination Experience Platform (DEX) offers a range of innovative tools designed to modernize and enhance the visitor experience. Key features include:

  1. Information Digitisation: Move away from traditional paper maps and local listings, which are costly and not eco-friendly. Instead, embrace a digital approach that is both cost-effective and sustainable.

  2. Geo-Localised Notifications: Provide visitors with real-time, location-based alerts directly to their smartphones, ensuring they receive relevant information precisely when and where they need it.

  3. Self-Guided Multimedia Walking Tours: Utilise the power of visitors' smartphones to offer engaging walking/driving tours. These tours highlight hidden gems and historical landmarks through compelling storytelling, enriching the visitor experience.

These tools are just a part of the broader suite available through Smartvisit's DEX, designed to transform how visitors explore and interact with your destination.


Leveraging Technology for Infrastructure and Investment Attraction

Understanding the necessity of tourism infrastructure improvement, Smartvisit includes features that assist RTOs in planning and executing sustainable development projects. Our platform helps attract tourism investments by offering RTOs the chance to use digital technology upgrades to apply for tourism grants. This not only aids in infrastructure development but also in enhancing the overall competitiveness and attractiveness of the region. Smart tourism technology is available to all regional tourism authorities and organisations regardless of size.


Maximizing Revenue Generation through Digital Innovation

For RTOs, the pursuit of revenue generation for their LGA's and community is ongoing and critical. Smartvisit designed its platform with revenue generation in mind, offering advanced ticketing solutions, enriched content delivery, and effective marketing tools. We empower RTOs to uncover new revenue channels and optimise their financial performance.


A New Horizon for Regional Tourism

Smartvisit dedicates itself to partnering with Regional Tourism Organisations to help form the future of regional tourism. Through cutting-edge technology, we equip RTOs with the tools necessary to address local and industry challenges, from experience development to digital infrastructure, and regional dispersal. Embrace the opportunity to transform your destination with Smartvisit, where innovation meets tradition in the heart of regional tourism.

Most recently Smartvisit has worked with organisations Phillip Island Experience (PIE), the City of Albany to create The Great Southern Pass and with Destination Phillip Island to create the Visit Phillip Island Pass.

People watching penguins at Phillip Island, Victoria
Phillip Island penguin experience

According to a report from Australian Regional Tourism (ART) Regional Tourism Forum Report (2022) it was 'evident that most RTOs are taking on diverse responsibilities across the regions with over 83% of RTOs indicating that they were responsible for both marketing and product and industry development within their region.' Our commitment is to support you with the technology and know-how so you can do what you do best - market your destination.

If your task is to lead the tourism experience development of your region talk to us to discover how Smartvisit can help to redefine visitation to your destination.

Let's embark on this journey together, unlocking the full potential of regional tourism through strategic innovation and digital excellence.


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