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Multimedia self-guided walking tour

Jrnyz is designed to provide your customers with an immersive, self-guided multimedia walking tour, allowing them to experience destinations or attractions in a whole new way. Available through the Smartvisit app and your package, Jrnyz uses geolocation technology to deliver relevant and meaningful content to visitors' mobile phones via video, audio, and augmented reality.

Creating engaging, high-quality content for visitors can be resource-intensive. That’s why Smartvisit's Content team specializes in crafting unique, destination-specific material. This content can enhance dwell time, encourage exploration of less-visited areas, and enrich the overall experience. Multiple language options are available.

We’re revolutionizing the travel experience for avid explorers by delivering real-time storytelling at the exact location customers are! Imagine having captivating stories and insights narrated by incredibly talented and passionate creators!


Jrnyz on the Smartvisit app allows you to provide extra value to your customers which you can provide for free or monetize.  

You may have your own creators you would like to use or use ours to bring your Jrnyz alive.

The possibilities are endless.

For Athens, Smartvisit collaborated with TikTok creator Briefed to bring the mythological gods of Athens alive in a unique and compelling way. Travelers are able to unveil extraordinary stories as they immerse themselves in the vibrant fabric of the ancient metropolis whilst physically walking around the Acropolis and Athens city.

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Mobile phone with Jrnyz

Guiding you every step of the way

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Woman in Acropolis
Jrnyz screen in Athens
Athens Jrnyz
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