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Elevate your guests' experience and make their stay memorable. Consider our Destination Experience Platform,
designed to:

  1. Enrich Guest Stay: Encourage your guests to explore and enjoy the best local tours, attractions, and more nearby, extending their time with you.

  2. Boost Your Revenue: This platform can introduce a fresh revenue source for you.

  3. Customized & Branded Solution: Our CityXplora solution is tailored just for you. It helps increase guest stays by packaging local experiences into a user-friendly pass. This pass gives your guests unmatched convenience, variety, and savings.

  4. Seamless Integration: Integrate it with your reservation system, CRM, and website. This ensures you have constant access to your customer data.

  5. Choose & Control: You decide which local experiences to offer, from tours to dining, shopping, and cultural events. Plus, you set the terms of use, all under your brand.

  6. Full Service: We handle everything - from product setup and pricing to sales and redemption. It's packed with financial tools, 24/7 customer service, and all necessary backend support.

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Empowering Journeys, Amplifying Value

At Smartvisit, we're not just changing the game;
we're redefining the journey with the ultimate Destination Experience Platform.


Revolutionizing Destination Experiences through our Destination Experience Platform

We provide the premier solution for packaging tour and activity-based experiences. Our Destination Experience Platform (DEX) can effortlessly combine touring, attraction, and shopping benefits with immersive, curated digital self-guided tours and notifications.

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We cover the
& tourism


Destination Experience Products

Multimedia Content


Instant Redemption


We guide you in the design and creation of Destination Experience Products that will deliver significantly more value for both you and your customers.

We save you time by onboarding tour, attraction, dining and shopping partners to our Smartvisit Destination Experience  Platform (DEX), connecting their ticket, reservation or point-of-sale systems to our Smartvisit System.

Enable your visitors to effortlessly book and redeem such benefits as a city sightseeing tour, entry to an attraction, credit to use at a restaurant or a shopping discount coupon instantly. 

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Empower Every Customer Journey

Offer your customers the latest technology, with a single interface. The 'Smartvisit app' gives customers access to all the experiences and services offered within a Destination Experience Product in the palm of their hand. It's a digital wallet that holds passes, tickets, a directory, maps (geolocation enabled), extra content, customer service, notifications, and the game-changing 'Jrnyz'.

Enduring Partnerships

We help businesses connect the world’s greatest travellers to the world’s greatest experiences in one, simple transaction.  

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Elevate Profits,
Enhance Experiences

We promise to boost revenue with high-value, bundled products and real-time consumer engagement. Smartvisit collaborates with you, crafting unique Destination Experience Products tailored for both marketing and promotional needs. Providing you access to our Destination Experience Platform's tools.

You receive

  • In-depth consumer insights

  • A 24/7 customer service team so you won't need a call center

  • Turn-key delivery

  • Back-end support for your team

Easy Redemption

Welcome to the Future of Discovery

Jrnyz is a ground-breaking innovative feature designed in the Smartvisit app, designed to revolutionize your customers' in-destination travel with rich multimedia.

Through collaboration, we offer a pre-designed, geo-located, self-guided walking and driving tour or other extras. This curated content can include audio, video, text, and augmented reality. All from the app.

By immersing users in relevant and engaging content from their surroundings, you can use Jrnyz to foster a deeper connection in-destination, enhancing the overall experience.


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Guiding you every step of the way

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To increase visitation, longer stays and gain a better understanding of what visitors do in your destination, the market leading Destination Experience Platform (DEX) is built to power immersive destination experiences and bundle experiences together. Motivating an average of 30% more time in a destination, greater take-up of local experiences. Use it as a new income stream or complement your existing offering.


Our innovative end-to-end solution is uniquely tailored and branded to you, whether that be for a campaign to drive more visitation and gain a better understanding of visitor consumption behaviour in the short term, or an “always on’’ strategy offering unbeatable convenience, choice and savings year-round to motivate higher pre-purchase propensity, more visitation and time in-destination as visitors realize that there is much more to do than first thought.


Our solution is entirely yours, ensuring that you own all visitor data, select the experience inclusions of your choosing from local tour, activity, dining, shopping, cultural and/or event operators that best represent your region, and set the rules for use and branding. Being completely end-to-end DEX takes care of it all including product development and pricing, sales, issuance and redemption, a full suite of financial and management tools as well as 24/7 customer service for our customers and back-end support ensuring an unbeatable experience for visitors to your region and a fantastic new income stream for your company.


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