Reward Management
Deliver Rewards with ease.
Deliver Rewards With Ease
We can customise how and where your rewards portfolio is displayed to members via any device, either:
  • Provide direct access to the reward 'at the venue' with our PlayWithPoints solution.
  • An API connection between your existing online store and our system carrying the rewards inventory.
  • A new online portal that can be customised for your programme.
It's tempting to offer rewards only from the 'core' products of your brand. But your members are already spending and earning loyalty points on these products. Almost half of travel program loyalty members say they want their programme to expand it's rewards offer.
Smartvisit is a specialist in carrying a vast array of the world's TOP attractions and tours which your members want. These types of travel and leisure experiences create an emotional connection with your brand that drives engagement on every channel through sharing a MEMORY - not just another redemption. Smartvisit can provide:
  • An existing product in the amazing iVenture card portfolio.
  • Individual attraction tickets and tour related products.
  • A customised package of speciļ¬c tickets ranging from a type of attraction to any geographical split that suits your campaign or programme.
Click here for a list of all the tours and attractions on the Smartvisit network.
One you've made the desired range of offers available to members, you need a machanism by which:
  • The products can be presented based on your desired points value.
  • Acquired by the member by exchanging 'points' for the product.
  • Translate the relevant parts of this transaction into invoices, receipts and reports.
The Smartvisit platform will 'clear' this end to end transaction. See AUTOMATION for more detail on the range of processes the Smartvisit Platform can provide to deliver "Ease" to your business.