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Since 2010, Smartvisit provides the platform for Event Hotels and Resort's loyalty program - Priority Guest Rewards.



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Business challenges

While the size and buying power of loyalty programs are huge, loyalty program operators have limited ability to influence or negotiate with individual suppliers of tours and activities. What’s more, the legacy systems widely used by loyalty programs have a number of limitations, including managing real-time offline points transactions, limited API connectivity, and lack of infrastructure that supports the ability to convert points for goods or services.

Events Hotel & Resorts was looking for a complete solution for its hotel loyalty program that would fit into existing infrastructure and provide customers with value and innovation. By choosing Smartvisit, we were able to provide an improved customer experience by providing a streamlined rewards experience that was easy to use and understand, while also increasing operational efficiencies by automating processes and removing manual tasks.

The seamless Smartvisit platform has allowed us to concentrate on our customers and provide them with one of Australia’s most popular hotel loyalty programs - Priority Guest Rewards.

Norman Arundel, Director Hotel and Resort Operations

EVENT Hospitality & Entertainment Limited

Why Event Hotels and Resorts chose Smartvisit

Smartvisit was able to provide real-time offline points transactions, API connectivity, and the ability to convert points for goods or services. Smartvisit's seamless platform allows management of PGR's member profiles and accounts, point issuance and redemptions, and all management and financial reporting.

Dubai Tourism

Dubai Tourism Board selects iVenture Card to create and manage its official Dubai Pass.



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Business challenges

Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs) are increasingly looking at ways in which they can invest in projects in which they can attract new visitors and/or incentivise visitors to stay longer and spend more. Dubai Tourism needed a pass that could promote the whole destination rather than preference a few sights, attractions or activities. They needed an innovative approach to increase a visitor’s stay and spend in addition to exciting them.

Why Dubai Tourism Chose iVenture Card

iVenture Card was able to deliver a complete white label solution to Dubai Tourism in relation to the operation of the Dubai Pass including creating a customized website for the pass and its own physical and digital creative assets for delivery to consumers who bought the pass. In addition to this iVenture Card would manage for Dubai Tourism all the contracting of attractions and redemption process and billing.


Launched in May 2018 the Dubai Pass set out to increase awareness of the attractions, tours, and activities in Dubai to international audiences, boost prepurchase sales and motivate more time spent in destination by showcasing and incentivising visitation to a broader range of experiences.

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2019 Results

Loyalty Program Management for EVENT Hotels & Resorts
Dubai Pass for Dubai Tourism