Program Management
Smartvisit can tailor every aspect of a new or existing loyalty
program specifically to your customer retention strategy.
  • Use your program with cards, or without them
  • New members can sign up online via your website, on your premises at a kiosk/terminal or with your staff
  • You can offer tiered membership levels such as "Silver/Gold/Platinum"
  • Members can access their point balance and history easily at any time, using any device
  • Connect any reward experience to your program with ease

There are many types of loyalty solutions, from which you can choose one or any combination

Program Types
A points program will allow you to award points for money spent or specific customer actions, using any point-to-spend or point to action ratio you'd like. You can configure custom reward levels to be reached, and assign specific permissions for staff to give you complete control over your program. You have complete flexibility to vary your award level based on where and when you need more actions from your members e.g. ‘Friday Madness Double Points’ or even actions not related to spend, such as ‘shares’ of your website or bonus points for referrals.
Tired of printing, storing, issuing and punching cards? A digital alternative is modern, secure, and trackable. This program lets you reward customers based on multiple product purchases such as "Stay 3 nights, get the 4th free". Track itemised purchases and discover which products are popular, and which ones need a push. Use this program with or without cards!
This program is one of the most powerful, as payment upfront to join a membership drives immediate engagement compared to something free. Once registered, any kind of value can be stored within the customer's account to use with your own physical or digital card design. Eg. Drinks/meals; A ‘free night’ at a hotel; Any kind of credit at a store. Commonly used for gift card programs and subscription memberships, our system will allow you to you to track visits.
A coalition loyalty program is a loyalty points program that is used across multiple businesses. Customers earn points by shopping at any member of the coalition. When they have enough points, they can redeem them for agreed reward items at any participating merchant. Alternatively, the party that facilitates the coalition may choose to offer their own reward items. Coalition programs are often ideal for shopping centres, restaurant chains, hotels/motels or any other affiliation based on location or industry.
A Two-Tier loyalty system allows multiple merchants to be connected to a shared loyalty program while also running their own individual loyalty program. The customer not only earns points which they can use back at the merchant they’re buying from, but they also earn bonus points towards a shared program that can be used elsewhere.
Eg. If a customer earns 1000 points at Merchant A and your Two-Tier loyalty system is using a 10% contribution, that customer will have 1000 points they can redeem exclusively at Merchant A and also 100 points that can be redeemed within their ‘second tier’. Our system can provide reports to see how many points each merchant has awarded and redeemed at any time, from either of the tiers.
A coalition gift card allows a group of merchants to provide a single gift card that can be redeemed at any of their participating locations. You can choose to depreciate the card value by a certain percentage over a period of time. You can also add a recurring fee to the cards to deduct a custom value over time. Automatic emails can be sent to your customers to thank them for visiting and provide a digital receipt of their remaining balance. Not only is this environmentally friendly, it’s a great convenience for both you and your customer.