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Customise tourist solution for your business

Destination Experience Solutions

Smartvisit develops "destination experience" passes, partnering with tour operators, attractions, hotels, and other tourism stakeholders to offer a single pass for tours, shopping, dining, cultural experiences, and events. The pass provides ease, savings, and convenience for visitors, leading to higher pre-purchase and longer stays in destination.

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Curated Customer Experiences For the Global Marketplace

Providing the systems and support to enable you to design, develop, promote and manage destination experience packages, combining physical and digital content, to deliver a better outcome for both you and your customer. 

Own your product

Take control of how your business is sold. Curate your own packages incorporating experiences that complement your core offer and determine

your own price point.

Own your brand

Maintain full control of your brand and the brands you associate with. Own your

marketing and communications strategy,

you know best how to present your brand

to the consumer.

Own your customer

Retain total control over what’s being sold and have full visibility over who is buying it.  Use data insights to better communicate with your customer pre, during and post their journey.

Own your success

Develop a product that delivers more customers, more data and more revenue with higher profit


Whitelabel tourist tech

The Smartvisit  Experiences App provides a white-label user interface that provides a single point in which an end user can manage and access tickets, bookings and multi-media experiences and tools to support their journey.

Smartvisit App

Client: Dubai Department of Economy & Tourism


Program: Dubai Pass


Project: To create and manage the official destination experience pass for Dubai featuring over 50 tourist attractions and tours.



For more information visit

Dubai Pass

Client: Universal Studios Hollywood/Comcast


Program: Universal Studios Hollywood Plus Pass


Project: To create a Hollywood focussed destination experience designed to increase visitation and duration of stay.


Universal Studios Hollywood Plus Pass



Client: Athens International Airport Corporation


Program: Athens Spotlighted


Project: To create a value add product that promotes shopping, dining and activities within Athens.


For more information visit

Athens Spotlighted


Client: Barcelona Tourism


Program: Barcelona Attractions Pass


Project: To create a city attractions pass for Barcelona that featured all the key tours and activities within the city including the client’s own city tour experiences.


For more information visit

Barcelona Attractions Pass

Barcelona Turisme Pass for app.jpg

Client Projects

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