Simplify the user experience.
By bringing simplicity, transparency and automation to routine processes,
your internal customers can invest more time in your external customers.
Your external customers in turn can invest in loving your brand.
Deliver an end-to-end, fully automated secure electronic solution to streamline and enhance your transaction, payment and document processing.
A sample of the many areas Smartvisit can help your business with, which can benefit from the accuracy and convenience of automation:
  • Sales reporting
  • Card issuance tracking
  • Transaction reporting
  • Stand alone or integrated point of sales processing support
  • Online or offline validation against any parameter
  • Dynamic online reporting
  • Automated electronic invoicing
  • Real time redemption from inventory on your system or ours
  • Fraud prevention
  • Real time notification of an event to any stakeholder
Customer activity tracking is central to any business. In today's environment the difference between just 'data' and an 'insight' - is quality. The scope, richness and accuracy of the information collected starts at every point of engagement for the customer with your business.
Whether online or on site, the design and integration of the interface between your customer and the engine room of your business will be central to optimising a customer profile database. Many of the steps which Smartvisit specialises in under PROCESS MANAGEMENT when automated, turn this entire aspect of your business into something your customers won't even notice.
Automation can transform businesses with interdependencies between multiple departments, a diverse geography, external partners or simply disparate systems internally. Smartvisit has developed proprietary middleware solutions to support the global iVenture Card product as well as domestic and international clients across a multitude of industry sectors.
With a customer able to trigger a transaction with your business from their wrist on a smartwatch, to validation against their entitlements held on a server in the desert, to accounts and sales teams spread around the world needing to respond accurately - we understand how to apply the 'glue' to present as one seamless transaction.